File, document and project management system for companies

Office Case tracking application

Office Case tracking application

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We believe and know that a document, records and project management system can work in a way that makes it efficient and enjoyable electronic collaboration within and beyond the company.
Our system also supports your business in the home office, as all functions and modules are seamlessly integrated into your home office thanks to web access. smooth operation.

Access control and Office 365 integration

You can share your documents, links or even entire folders, to which you can assign different permissions set different permissions. Interoperate with O365 applications ensures a seamless workflow.

Fast search with the power of OCR

Not only file names and metadata, keywords, but also the contents of files search documents by file contents. Many filter parameters and views ensure that you can find your documents in seconds

Approval processes

You can set an approver for your account, contracts or any document. The approval process can be done sequentially or in parallel or in parallel. Easy management and traceability.

Notifications and logs

Our UniMail system will automatically notify you if there is a change a change to a document or task. In our system, users' actions are logged, so so it's easy to navigate through the processes.

Attached files and metadata

You can assign signatories, editors, approvers, deadlines (among others) to the attached files. Invited colleagues can add comments to make the task smoother. Create your own worksheet!

File versions

You can upload a new version of the document and keep the existing one metadata and all previous versions of the file. Prevent confusion of document versions, as the team can always the current version of the document is clear and available.


If you want, you can set reminders and alerts. That way you'll make sure you don't miss any important deadlines, and all tasks are completed on time.

Insertion, attachment from letterbox

It has never been easier to store and organise emails. With just a few clicks, you can file all the emails you need to a project (Outlook or Domino), including attachments.

States and roles

You can assign responsibilities (or more than one) to tasks and documents, who can "sign off" at different stages of the work, where they are in the process of completing the work.

Mobile-friendly, web access

Web access to our system is also provided, so you can send your correspondence, even on a mobile device. Teleworking or home office does not hamper the efficiency of your company, because Office Case Management will be available to your colleagues from home.

Personalisation and configuration

We tailor our systems to your company's needs and carry out the necessary modifications. The system administrator is transparent interface to make any subsequent changes (e.g. replacement, new colleague, year-end closing, etc.)

Safety and reliability

Your documents are backed up, so nothing can get lost, so there will be no downtime during operation to prevent business continuity.

Document and project management

Manage your office from home with maximum efficiency

Office Case tracking application

File and document management

SEARCH up to 100 different aspects of our system can happen in as many as. We guarantee you won't have to spend hours searching for a single document.
A LOGGING you can check at any time when and what changes have been made to the document or a particular task or a specific task.
Who can see what and how? RIGHTS MANAGEMENT important and sensitive cornerstone. We make sure that colleagues have access to what they need what they need, while keeping confidential documents safe and secure and information.
VERSIONING You only need to share your document in one place, so that it can be seen and edited by anyone who needs to. It's easy to avoid misunderstandings and mistakes.

Office Case tracking application

Project Management

Partner handling, CRM
Partners and suppliers management in an easy-to-use, streamlined interface. Sales, finance, marketing, campaign management - all in one place.
You can track the stages of the project, who has completed or is working on what tasks and who has completed them.
Reviewing and approving tasks and documents is just a click away.
Don't look at spreadsheets to see how it works. A transparent and traceable way to complete projects.

Office Case tracking application

Company and team management

Access and security

Tasks that can be transparently monitored and delegated. So that work flows smoothly and everything is under control, Responsible Management will help you.

We know what to do

One of the most important ingredients for effective teamwork is to everyone is clear about their responsibilities. This is where the Roles manageability.

Smooth work

Unfortunately, life brings a situation where a colleague falls out from work. In our system, the Substitution function function, you can simply delegate his or her tasks, or use the can work on his behalf.


You can find out everything you need to know quickly, chat using the Event Log.


What our customers have said about us

The big advantage of Office Case Management and HCL Notes software is that we can manage all your business management tasks in one place. The flexibility and professional approach of the Unioffice System House allows us to integrate modules developed specifically for our company and tailored to our individual needs, which makes our work much easier, since as the largest private archaeological company in the country, we are able to manage project sites hundreds of kilometres apart. is essential. As an international company with operations across Europe with our subsidiaries across Europe, we need project management that is coordinated with the financials, contracts and resource management, in addition to efficient execution, can be working with our partners at the highest levels of government.

Orsolya Szabó
Salisbury Kft. - archaeologist, project manager

The Lotus Notes system used in our company is stable, reliable and secure, fast, very good development platform to support different processes. The cooperation with UniOffice Ltd. is exemplary: polite, helpful, fast, We have found them to be a polite, fast and knowledgeable team, we can only recommend them!

Zsolt Sziklássy
77 Elektronika Kft. - IT Director

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Using it saves many hours of work. Solve document management for a lifetime with the introduction of problem of document management.

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One of the best value for money on the market software.


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