Digital renewal. Efficient, fast, demonstrably cost-effective.

HCL Business Partner

As our country's largest Domino distributor and as experts in helping you

Our company was the first in Hungary to apply and develop business solutions for the initially Lotus and later IBM's software product Domino. In 2019, HCL, which has been maintaining the software for years, took over the baton.
As a business and strategic partner of HCL, we are the largest Domino distributor and expert in our country, helping you and your company to digitally innovate.
Mi az az HCL DOMINO? Mi az az HCL DOMINO?

Why is it worth it?

Real business benefits for large companies

Using the system will make your company's operations demonstrably more cost-effective.
Searches, shares and many important features are highly secure and fast.

Recovering investment

300% ROI


25% lower TCO compared to competitors


Up to 500% faster application development time

Conserving resources

Up to 40% less development effort

HCL Softwares

The most popular Domino ingredients



Teamwork software, mail and business applications in a single workspace

HCL Notes is the email client software that gives teams access to email, calendar and contact management, and seamlessly integrates with other collaboration tools and HCL Domino business applications.

Notes Domino csoportmunka


HCL Sametime

Enhanced security, instant chat and video meeting

HCL Sametime provides highly secure and real-time communication anywhere. Instant messaging, chat and online video meetings. Provides seamless communication You and your company wherever you work - in the office or home office.

HCL Sametime


HCL Connections

Kapcsolat, elköteleződés és produktivitás: legyen sikeres vezető a Connections segítségével

Technology is evolving rapidly, but often it cannot keep pace with business processes. When multiple colleagues are working remotely, it is more important than ever to ensure that teamwork software that meets these challenges.
Connections is a customisable, well thought-out and modern teamwork software. It transforms colleagues working on a project in different roles into a real team, managing different roles and permissions to increase efficiency.

HCL connections



Beautiful apps in moments

Volt MX is a market-leading low-code application development platform that allows developers and designers to create the application they need in seconds.
Fast development, low TCO - your IT staff are not overwhelmed by these tasks, they can focus on what matters.



HCL Verse

To focus on what really matters

It will help you prioritise and organise your tasks and meetings, to keep everything on track. You can use Verse not only on your desktop, but also In Home Office, you can easily email and share files from any mobile device.

HCL Verse


HCL Nomad

Access Domino applications - anywhere, anytime

Access apps, unrivalled security and offline mode - now on mobile. HCL Nomad allows you to use Domino apps on Apple iPhone and iPad, Android and Chrome OS tablets.

HCL Nomad


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