Task Manager

By creating TaskManager, we offer a cloud based service for our partners, combining individual tasks with group work management.
For the usage of this system, only Internet access and a browser are required. If all of these are available, only the authorised login is required. This involves a user ID and an identification process: this is the basis for getting personalized “service”.
TaskManager system does not want to “know everything” but focuses on the essence. It provides a simple and clear work environment for the need of any company to present and follow each task to be performed, including deadline the state of the task.
The system can capture who give the task to whom, deadline of the task, comments and optionally with attachments. In a separate box, you can also mark those persons who do not have to do anything concerning actual task, but it is important to inform them. Each person is notified by e-mail about the changes of the task. This email is not just a notification, it also includes a link to open the document.
A view of the tasks serves to see easily two aspects of the task execution: one is the “every task / own task view” and the other is the “all documents / only active documents” view.
There is a search function for the system, which can found results both in the document and in the attachments.
When executing this task, you can indicate the degree of completion (text and%), which can be used to create any number of notes with automatic date capture.