Invoice Management / Approval

In addition to managing contracts, the management of invoices is the economic basis of operation for all companies and organizations. Using our system, a lot of tipical problems with invoice management can be avoided: so you do not have to move the invoice hard copy, you do not need to look for proof documents, you do not have to look for someone who sign the approval – just briefly the most important ones. Data of the invoices that have been recorded are always available. Geographical barriers are also eliminated, so we can approve the invoice received at a certain site, on another. If you need to get an earlier invoice, there is no problem: you need to know the details of any invoice (account number, invoice amount, seller details or even the project we worked on), or just knowing about one of the invoices, the system will deliver the final result in seconds. The invoice approval process can be categorised, so depending on the content and value of your account, you can set different approval processes. We do not need to know who approves office supplies or phone accounts, and how the level of approval changes depending on the value. You can create approval routes based on cost center, invoice amount, invoice products or services, or any other aspect and their combination. We can also get approvals along the organizational hierarchy. For multiple approvals, you can choose parallel routing or you may need to have more stringent serial approval for your invoice.