Gábor Jónás – Managing Director

We have entered the market 27 years ago with the revolutionary technology innovation: Lotus Notes. We developed Lotus Notes based document management systems. Since then, our clients changed the technology focus for problem solving approach. Our company build, manage and host IT solutions for the management of their internal processes. Even the choice of our name reflects our approach: we are dealing with office systems … “Office systems” include, but are not limited to, IT systems, documents, knowledge, operating rules, business culture, interests, workflow systems, but first of all the human, who struggles with modern technology to overcome their business problems. Our business is to help people, leaders, staff, and IT staff to make this rather complex system work well. The most characteristic shortage of office systems is lack of information, or the low speed of the flow of information. Our products are software products that enable the flow of information and greatly accelerate it. Look at our products!

Our service or support service is offered to all companies who operate IT systems. We offer consulting before introducing new IT elements, or at problem solving of maintenance or updating.
We provide support to local IT staff in case of lack of resources or if there is a need for greater experience in a given area. We help you find the bugs, make suggestions for the necessary changes or updates.
We are outsourcing a full operational service if there is no (sufficient) IT specialist in a particular area. Our staff independently performs the required tasks, reporting at regular intervals, if necessary making a proposal for procurement.
We can also use our system management software to automate the management of large amounts of servers, network devices, and services. The product is a free software package developed by the software that quickly and regularly manages the monitoring and immediately notifies the right people. Notification can be done in different ways, including “Push” messages”.